Dr. Spock’s Infant and Child Care: 9th Edition

Dr. Spock’s Little one and Little one Care: 9th Edition

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Dr. Benjamin Spock is America’s most trusted title in little one care and parenting, and his vital guidebook has topped bestseller lists for above sixty-five years. This completely revised and updated edition of the traditional manual offers initial time and seasoned dad and mom the ideal information about caring for new babies, toddlers, and adolescents in the twenty-first century.

All of Dr. Spock’s invaluable, time-tested advice is right here, along with the most current medical practices and advances in health care. Whilst still covering essential parenting issues like accidents, illnesses and injuries, this edition of the classic also includes the latest on:

* Immunizations
* Nutrition and childhood weight problems
* Cultural diversity
* Different and non-classic family members structures
* Children’s learning and brain development
* Raising young children with unique requirements
* Environmental overall health
* More and more common problems such as ADHD, childhood depression, and autism—including prescription drugs and behavioral interventions
* Kids and the media, which includes display time, video video games, and the net

Updated by foremost pediatrician Robert Needlman, the guide contains a revised glossary of typical medications and a resource guide that compiles the most reliable on-line sources. This indispensable guide is even now the following best thing to Dr. Spock’s #one rule of parenting: “Trust yourself. You know much more than you think you do.”

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